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What is an Independent Consultant?

An "Independent Consultant" is someone who works in network marketing. Sometimes the title varies, and you will see "Affiliate", "Distributor", "Consultant", or something simular. You are called this because you are not an employee of the manufacturer, but work independantly, and are paid a consideration for the services you provide.

What Does an Independent Consultant Do?
First and foremost an independent consultant places products in the hands of consumers. Since the manufacturer has no distribution channel other than it's independent consultants, they are relying on you to both spread the word on their products, and fulfill customers' orders.
Secondly, an independent consultant constantly looks for other people who would like to become independent consultants themselves.

How Do I do This?
Most products sold through network marketing are sold through home parties; the kind that Ed Tupper made famous in the 1940's with his "Tupperware Parties". The people who come to the parties are the network in network marketing.
At these parties, some people will buy product, and others will want to host a party of their own. This is the way your network expands; at each party you will meet people that you did not know before, who will in turn host parties where you meet still more new people. Some of these people will also want to become independent consultants, who will then arrange their own parties. These new consultants become your downline - and an integral part of why this business is so powerful.

Why is this so Powerful?
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