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How to Choose Your Network Marketing Company

There are literally thousands of network marketing companies. How do you pick the right one for you?

As with any other position, if you can believe passionately in your subject matter, then you will be more successful with it. Make sure that you can "Eat your own dog food"; If you don't wear make-up, then a cosmetics company is not for you. This is especially true in network marketing as most of your clients will make the decision to purchase your products based not upon the products themselves, but upon your personal credibility.

Just like a franchise, your network marketing company will provide you with a duplicatible process. Make sure you can live with it as it is the key to your success. If you are not comfortable introducing people to your company by showing them a videotape of a stranger reviewing the benefits, then don't choose a company where this is part of the duplicatible process. Ask your sponsor for the "Business Manual" before you make your decision - it will most likely outline the whole duplicatible process.

Upline Support
Your upline - that is your sponsor, and their sponsor, and so on up the line (hence the name upline) is crucial to your success. They will be the model for you - pick one whom you trust, and believe will be able to provide you with the level of support, coaching, and guidance that you need and desire. Don't be shy to ask for their help - remember that they get paid on the work you do, so it's in their best interest to help you.

As any salesman knows, it is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. There are network marketing companies with product lines ranging from vitamins to skin care to jewelry to home care products, and every conceivable combination. There are even ones that offer intangibles like insurance or long distance telephone service. Choose one that has a product that your customers will have a need for more of.
Shampoo vs. jewelry is a good example - If your product line includes shampoo, and you have a customer who likes it, then periodically they will need and want more, probably forever. But no matter how much they like the bangle bracelet your company has, how many will they ever want?

Where Do I Go From Here?
Want to learn more? I have prepared a list of books on network marketing that should be valuable resources to both veteran network marketers and those wanting to learn more about the industry.


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