Network Marketing:
    Your Gateway To
      Economic Power

Why is this so Powerful?

Network Marketing gives you the power of leverage. In Network Marketing, you get paid a commission on each product you place in a consumer's hands. You also get an override on each product that your downline places in a consumer's hands. You get paid on the efforts of not only yourself, but on the efforts of the independent consultants in your downline. The amount of the override varies from company to company, and usually gets smaller the farther away from you the independent consultant is (in terms of recruitment; physical distance has nothing to do with it), but is still significant. You are leveraging your time with that of your downline. The beauty of it is that your override does not affect their commissions at all - they still get paid.

The Business That Grows With You - Exponentially
The second powerful attribute of network marketing is the continual exponential growth that your business will have. Lets have an example:
Let's say that for every 4 parties you have, you will find one person who wants to be an independent consultant. So for each 4 parties that your new independent consultant has you can reasonably expect that they will also find another independent consultant. If you set the pace of 4 parties every quarter, then at the end of the 1st quarter, you will have 1 independent consultant in your down line. At the end of the 2nd quarter you will have 3 independent consultants in your downline (The one from the 1st quarter plus the new one you recruited in the second quarter plus the one that your first quarter recruit recruited in the second quarter). By the end of the 3rd quarter you will have 7 independent consultants, and by the end of the first year you will have 15.
If you want to grow faster, then you can increase your pace; But if you can't afford the time to have as many events, your business will still grow without you - since your downline is growing regardless of the number of events you have.

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